About Vacuum Cleaners

If you ask a Nilfisk customer what exactly a Nilfisk vac is, the answer will be that a Nilfisk lasts for several generations.

“My parents had one, and my son and his wife recently purchased a Nilfisk too,” is a typical argument. “They have two small children and are afraid they might start suffering from allergies. Imagine how much dirt such a family creates. Therefore they bought a Nilfisk with HEPA filtration.

“Even my youngest daughter – who just moved into her new flat – had to buy a Nilfisk. She was attracted by the youthful, modern design and its compact size,” says the customer. “Our home has to be very clean and tidy. Only the Nilfisk Extreme is good enough. Maybe we will take it with us to the grave.” A Nilfisk is ideally suited for every generation’s needs.