Nilfisk attracts huge crowds at Brisbane Allergy Show

27/05/2008 8:00 AM


The momentum for allergy friendly products is on the rise following record crowds to our stand at the Brisbane Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show on May 17 and 18.

Around 10,000 visitors attended the two day event which was a significant increase on the previous year.


"As with the Sydney show, our focus in Brisbane was our allergy friendly vacuum cleaner range including the Nilfisk Extreme X300, Extreme X200, Extreme X150 and Nilfisk Power vacuums which feature high grade HEPA filtration.

The show is an excellent branding opportunity but also an important way to engage with consumers and listen to their needs. With many families and allergy and asthma sufferers visiting the show, we were interested to hear the dissatisfaction many had with their current vacuum cleaner," said Ms. Hiland, National Retail Sales & Marketing Manager. 

"It's not just about the vac's ability to capture dirt and dust, but also ensuring that a vac has a true HEPA filter, HEPA tight construction and exhaust filters which prevent allergens being re-released into the air in the home. We were also amazed at the interest shown towards our Nilfisk Extreme range, which is equipped with a HEPA H14 and designed to capture 99.999% dirt and dust particles," continued Ms. Hiland.


With some four million Australians now affected by allergies and with the figure growing at an alarming rate1, the need for consumers to understand how best to manage their symptoms is becoming increasingly important.

According to show organiser David Whimpey, despite the belt tightening that seems to be hitting many retailer areas, the demand for products and services that address the key health issue of allergies is increasing.

"Ours is a needs based show and as a result, we have a highly motivated group of consumers attending that is hungry for accurate information and willing to invest in products that genuinely improve their quality of life."

For more facts and figures and information on how to tackle allergies around the home, click here to download your free Nilfisk Active Allergy Avoidance brochure.