New Consumer Sales Manager

16/07/2009 8:00 AM

Nilfisk-Advance announces new Consumer Sales Manager

Retailers around Australia will see a new face representing Nilfisk-Advance and its range of cleaning equipment. Anita Gounder has been appointed the new National Consumer Sales Manager at Nilfisk-Advance, replacing Kim Hiland

Gounder has over 14 years of sales and marketing experience in the retail industry, including positioins at SanDisk (flash memory cards), BenQ (digital lifestyle devices) and Imation (data storage products).

The new sales manager will travel interstate to meet with buys and colleagues to continue to develop the Nilfisk consumer brand in Australia. Gounder will otherwise be based in Nilfisk's head office in Sydney.

"The expertise and wide-ranging experience that Anita brings to Nilfisk is a great asset and we warmly welcome her to our team," said Stephen Makins, general manager of Nilfisk-Advance Australia and New Zealand.