2/07/2009 8:00 AM

Bagless Vacuum CleanerBagged  Vacuum CleanerWinning the battle against dirt and dust, Nilfisk proves that Bagged is better. Nilfisk delivers  extremely powerful results that raise the standard of cleanliness around the home. In many instances, whilst vacuuming and then ridding the vacuum cleaner of the dust, the dust can escape and become airborne. Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are equipped with self sealing synthetic dust bags* that trap the dust in the bag when it is ready to be thrown out to avoid dust becoming airborne.

The cannisters of bag-less vacuum cleaners need to be emptied after each use and on some occasions may need to be emptied a number of times per use. When emptying the cannister of bag-less machine, the dust is loose, becomes unsettled and is released back into the air.

Nilfisk's self sealing dust bags are sealed prior to the bag being removed from the vacuum cleaner - ensuring the dust is settled where it is and does not escape. The self-sealing function closes off any openings, locking the dust into its enclosure.

The self-sealing dust bags also minimise skin contact with dust and allergens which is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.


 *Selected Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners