Bag vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

25/02/2008 10:00 AM

Finding the right vacuum cleaner can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Every vacuum cleaner on the market is designed to remove dirt and dust from your floor through the power of suction. The question is which particular style and model will be suit your specific cleaning needs.

All styles and models of vacuum cleaner are equipped with perishable components and will need to be changed at some point. When comparing bag versus bagless models, you can expect to spend the same amount of money on filters for either style of vacuum. 

Bagless vacuum cleaners 

To keep a bagless vacuum cleaner operating at its optimum level, you will need to dispose the dirt in the container when it is full and perform regular maintenance on the filter. Although most units use a pleated HEPA filter, the grade of the vacuum filter will determine the level of service required.

For many models, the level of service can be simply brushing the dust out from the filter, washing it and reusing after its completely dried. Or the filter may require complete replacement when the filtration system deteriorates, which could be up to three times per year for the average household.  


Emptying the dust container can also be a messy process. Dust can billow out of the container while emptying it or you may have to shake or pull compacted dirt from the container. However, if you accidentally vacuumed up something that needs to be retrieved, it can be easily removed from the dust container. 

It's important to note that exposure to dust and dirt can be hazardous for people with allergies, as well as those with asthma and other respiratory conditions. 

Bagged vacuum cleaners 
Vacuum bags have come a long way from the cloth bags we may remember from the last century. Many manufacturers make disposable bags that are two-ply or more, with cotton type liner that filters far better than standard paper alone. This means that today's vacuum bags have been manufactured to a higher standard and are able to filter microscopic dust particles from the air that circulates inside the vacuum cleaner   

Bagged vacuum cleaners require that the bag is changed when it becomes full. Replacing the bag isn't a huge job and most bags are not expensive. 

Innovations such as Nilfisk's dust bag full indicator light let you know when the bag needs to be changed and the latest double-lined gravity-held synthetic bags make this task easy and efficient. Simply use the self-sealing device and pull out the bag, ready for disposal. Dirt and dust don't make their way back into the home or make contact with the skin, making bag removal a very quick and clean process. 


With a growing number of people suffering from asthma and allergies, the need for a vacuum cleaner that can reduce allergy symptoms is becoming increasingly important. 

Each model in the Nilfisk Extreme range is equipped with a double-lined gravity-held synthetic bag and a HEPA H14 filter so efficient it is more effective than the human lung. The Extreme range is designed to capture 99.999% of particles down to 0.3 micrometers including hair, bacteria and dust mite excrements which are common sources of irritation for allergy sufferers. 

With the highest level of filtration available on the consumer vacuum cleaner market, due to its design and HEPA-tight construction, the Nilfisk Extreme makes and excellent choice for allergy sufferers.