Nilfisk inspires home enthusiasts

2/11/2010 10:00 AM

Over 28,000 consumers attended the inaugural Better Homes and Gardens live show over the weekend, with a huge number of attendees checking out the Nilfisk-Advance stand. Held at the Sydney Showground between October 15-17, the expo drew consumers from across Sydney seeking new and inspirational ideals for bettering their home.

Nilfisk's stand was ideally positioned in front of the craft stage, where staff offered tips and advice on how best to keep homes clean and families protected against allergy and asthma triggers. "As Better Homes and Gardens" first show we were impressed by the number of visitors", Nilfisk Advance retail sales manager Anita Gounder said.

"Spring is the time that Australians are most aware of dust and allergens in the home so the show's timing could not have been better. It have us the perfect opportunity to speak to homemakers at this important time of year", Gounder added.