16/07/2009 8:00 AM


Nilfisk has introduced an ozone-generating air cleaner to its comprehensive product portfolio. Designated the Nilfisk OZ 1, this unit is designed for commercial applications in, for example, hotels, restaurants, offices, health-care facilities and public transportation.


Compact and easily transportable, the Nilfisk OZ 1 removes odours by generating ozone, which in turn connects to organic substances, as found in tobacco smoke, food and cooking smells and bathroom odours, and removes them. Unlike many deodorizing products, the OZ 1 doesn’t merely cover the smell, it actually removes the organic substance causing it.


A notable benefit of this product is that it is capable of continuous operation in a very wide range of operating and climatic conditions. It is said to be virtually maintenance-free. A Nilfisk company spokesperson commented as follows: “Odour removal is a major challenge facing the professional cleaning industry, and the OZ 1 represents an efficient answer in a variety of critical applications.”