16/07/2009 8:00 AM

Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has introduced its GD 5 back-pack vacuum cleaner. Aimed primarily at cleaning contractors and institutional maintenance departments, these units compliment the company’s existing backpacks to provide productive and ergonomic cleaning in all applications.


The introduction of the GD 5 is a step closer towards
fulfilling Nilfisk’s strategy of achieving a single-source portfolio of cleaning equipment for its customers around the world. Amongst the
notable features of these new vacuums are a strong focus on operator comfort with low noise, a comfortable carrying harness, and light weight. The power/price ratio is also said to be excellent.


The GD 5  backpack vacuum was recently evaluated in an
independent set of test studies conducted by the Sweden-based Två
Ergonomer testing and ergonomic consultancy bureau. The study
compared the Nilfisk model to three other internationally recognised brands of backpack vacuum cleaners. In its report, the bureau concluded that the Nilfisk GD 5 rated “better than rivalling backpack
vacuums on all design criteria”. The ergonomic evaluation further noted the importance of the Nilfisk unit’s lighter weight and overall harness design in minimising stress and strain on the body.


Additionally, the Nilfisk unit achieved higher productivity rates in the studies carried out. The ergonomically advanced harness design was mentioned as being an important factor in allowing work to be carried out at a faster rate.