Nilfisk Action Plus

26/02/2008 10:00 AM

Nilfisk, which has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners for almost 100 years, announces the introduction of a great, practical new consumer vacuum cleaner that gets the job done with no mess or bother.

The Nilfisk Action Plus is the successor to Nilfisk Action. It has all the best qualities of Action, plus some improvements - hence the name.

The Nilfisk Action Plus has more power and an even better dust bag made of synthetic material. Further, the vacuum cleaner comes with a new and improved combi nozzle as well as an improved telescopic tube. It also has an updated, contemporary Nilfisk design.

This vacuum cleaner is made with active young families in mind – with children and maybe a pet or two at the heart of it. They want fast and easy cleaning. They are price-conscious people looking for quality at a fair price.

Key points

• Strong suction – powerful 2000 W motor.
• HEPA filter – clean air, essential for beating allergies.
• Blow function – a smart feature for dusting hard-to-reach areas.
• Big capacity – a synthetic 6.5 litre dust bag provides more strength and means fewer bag changes.

A height-adjustable telescopic tube gives a better working position. On-board accessories are always to hand and a 7m cable allows a long operation radius. Clearly marked buttons make it easy to open lids and a large handle means convenient carrying. The nozzle, tube and hose can be conveniently stored. Swivel front wheel and steering back wheels ensure perfect manoeuvrability.

The Nilfisk Action Plus comes in two different models: Action Plus, Action Plus Pet Pack. The difference is in the accessories. A round brush, flexible cone and upholstery nozzle are standard accessories on all models. The standard combi nozzle is improved and has natural hair. The Action Plus Pet Pack comes with a Pet Turbo Nozzle