16/07/2009 8:00 AM

The newly introduced Nilfisk GD 911 battery-powered commercial
vacuum cleaner is designed specifically to enhance the viability of daytime cleaning of offices, retail outlets and other commercial facilities. With
conventional vacuums, the noise hazard is a major impediment to the
acceptability of cleaning during working hours.


The cordless nature of the Nilfisk GD 911 also means that it can be used to clean areas where electrical outlets may be inconveniently located or missing altogether. Furthermore, by eliminating the need to frequently change plug-in locations the cleaning process is speeded, thereby improving overall


Nilfisk-Advance is the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, and this latest product introduction furthers the company’s aim of being a one-stop source for meeting the needs of cleaning service companies, wherever they are located. A company spokesperson commented: “The GD 911 is once again
evidence of our commitment to meeting the needs of industry professionals around the world. With daytime cleaning on the increase everywhere, this
battery powered innovation removes a significant barrier to this development.”