New family size vacuum

16/07/2009 8:00 AM


Nilfisk Bravo

With active kids and a dog or cat in the house, you are likely to have quite a lot of vacuuming time on your hands, and quite alot of dust bags to change over the years. Nilfisk's new family size vacuum, Bravo, sets out to change that by making y our everyday cleaning quicker and smarter in a number of ways.

If, like most power, you are not fond of changing dust bags in your vacuum, you are going to applaud the extra mileage of the XL dust bag on the Nilfisk Bravo. Suction power is another strong point. Switch on to max and you will be picking up dust particles at a highly effective 2000 watts. So what if the kids have friends over and they are nibbling biscuits all ove ryour floor, the Bravo gets the job done quickly and thoroughly, working equally well on carpets, vinyl or wooden floors.

It Blows too . . .

if you have guest staying over, Nilfisk Bravo will conveniently blow up your airbeds. Bravo comes with a special adaptor, which connects your hose and airbed. All you need to do is switch to "blow", and all the hard work is done. The blow function also comes in handy when you need to remove fluff from behind your radiators, heavy furniture or tall cupboards. You simply blow out the fluff and pick it up afterwards using the regular suction.

Easy storage . . .

Bravo s big in terms of dust bag volume and motor power but it is small and handy when it comes to practical stow away. It's telescopic tube, which is practical for adjusting the working position according to the height of the individual uwer, it is also highly practical when you fold it back and see how easily it fits in your cupboard

HEPA Filter . . .

Bravo comes with all the functionalities of a modern family vacuum including and effective HEPA fileter which prevents dust and dust mites collected from spreading out at the exhaust end. The Bravo is packed with useful accessories conveniently stored on board for easy access