Nilfisk Smart - Window Vac

25/08/2015 10:00 AM

Clean your windows then vacuum to dry

The old days of lugging a bucket of soapy water and cloths around to clean your windows are gone. Now, the innovative Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner makes the job so much easier and faster.
The ergonomic detergent sprayer has a microfibre cloth for easy window cleaning, simply spray on the detergent and wipe, then use the Nilfisk Smart cleaning blade to vacuum all the suds - leaving a streak free finish. No more puddles of water on the window ledges or floor. No more lugging heavy equipment around.
The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery gives up to 25 minutes of run time before needing a re-charge and the choice of a 170mm or 280mm cleaning blade means you can cusstomise your Nilfisk Smart exactly to the job at hand. Windows, tiles, shower screens and glass table tops are the obvious uses, but the Nilfisk Smart is also great on embossed glass, pool fences and non-glass smooth, washable surfaces.
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces and any smooth, washable surface
  • No drips or streaks
  • Two cleaning blades - 280mm and 170mm
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Up to 25minutes running time
  • 2.5hrs to fully charge
  • 100ml water tank
  • 2 year warranty
  • Also includes:

     - Foam Sprayer

     - Microfibre cloth

     - Powerful window cleaning concentrate

     - Belt Clip

The Nilfisk Smart Window Window Cleaner is so easy to use you will want to use it every single day of the week!

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