Nilfisk Consumer

Multi 20 Inox

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Productnr: 107402286

This product line is discontinued

Use this Nilfisk Multi for vacuuming outdoor. It is perfect for the home, car, workshop and hobbyists who want a machine to suck up water and leaves. This is a wet & dry vacuum cleaner without compromise in both operating mode and user-friendliness.

The days where you spend half a day blowing up your rubber boat are gone – now it only takes about 20 seconds – thanks to the automatic blow function. And if you from time to time need to suck up water from your basement or from the floor, this machine is a must – use the same filter for water and dry dirt. The exclusive Push&Clean semi-automatic filter cleaning system from Nilfisk is featured on all of the Multi machines – you only have to push a button and the filter is cleaned in a few minutes. The quick park feature means that you quick and easy are able to place and store the extension tube in a unique and specially developed holder on the machine.

    • Push&Clean semi automatic filter cleaning means it takes only seconds to clean your filter, ensuring continued high performance.
    • Easy storage of accessories. Cable rewind (CR model).
    • Hose storage hook.
    • Wet and dry filter.
    • 20 l.Container.
    • 1400 watt motor.C
    • hassis with two castors and two “alu look” wheels.
    • Quick park.Automatic blow function.
    • Stainless steel container (Inox models).
    • Automatic start/stop for electric tools (T models).
    • Water drain outlet (Inox models).
    • One fleece dust bag included in each machine box as standard.

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